What We Do

Our services are aimed at addressing the key challenges and opportunities for local authorities and we focus our work on six priority themes

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Local authorities must continue to undertake their role against a background of social, political and financial challenges and opportunities including:

  • Solar Panel

    Climate Change

    Climate change continues to be a pressing challenge for the country, and EELGA looks to support local authorities in the region with the expertise and the coordination needed to tackle this large-scale issue.

  • Infrastructure Needs

    The East of England brings significant added value to the UK’s economy and there are opportunities for local authorities to build on this track record by collectively arguing for prioritised and sustainable investment in the region’s key infrastructure needs, particularly transport and housing.

  • Partnership Working

    To be effective civic leaders in their localities and to ensure that service delivery achieves the best possible outcomes for their communities, local authorities must work positively and co-operatively with their neighbouring councils, partner organisations and key stakeholder in other sectors.
  • Innovation and Commercialisation

    In order to secure their ongoing financial sustainability, local authorities continue to pursue innovation in service delivery, as well as the adoption of an increasingly commercial approach to their activities.
  • Service Supply and Demand

    Demographic and social factors have created rising demand in critical service areas whilst the suppliers of those services face increasing financial pressure. In addition, health and social care integration presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the local government sector. 

  • Workforce

    Local authorities must ensure that they have a workforce with the skills and qualities needed to deliver excellent 21st century public services, as well as a clear strategy for attracting, retaining and developing this talent.
  • Challenges to Council Finances

    The increased reliance by authorities on their local sources of funding such as Business Rates, Council Tax, Commercial Revenue and Fees and Charges places more emphasis on having sound financial planning in place, including good governance and appropriate risk management.

  • Gas Hob - Cost of Living

    Cost of Living

    With inflation rising due to a variety of different economic shocks, councils and communities alike are having to find ways to make their money go further.

How We Work

  • We are a cross-party, politically led organisation with our members at the heart of decision making and development.
  • We seek new opportunities for extending and strengthening the influence of councils to shape national policy.
  • We harness the expertise, experience and resources of our member councils.
  • We deliver effective activities that provide good value for money and excellent customer service.
  • As one of the nine regional employers' organisations, we provide a strong regional voice to influence negotiations on pay, workforce issues and terms and conditions.
  • We work in partnership with the national Local Government Association and seek mutually to reinforce our respective work on behalf of local government.
  • We work across the public sector to support integrated working and the development of new and better ways to meet current and future challenges to service delivery.
  • We are proud of the civic role played by local authorities and act as an advocate for our member councils to ensure that they are recognised for their work.
  • We work in partnership with the national Local Government Association and seek mutually to reinforce our respective work on behalf of local government.