This programme provides enhanced support in key areas focused on helping local authorities to develop their management processes and resources to meet the challenges of the post- Covid-19 era.

Delivered by experienced EELGA associates, their strategic skills and insight will provide valuable input to all our member councils’ leaders in achieving a successful and purposeful Covid recovery.

The new programme will support Councils in these key areas:


  • Commercialisation: Defining, setting and achieving commercial goals and ambitions to optimise performance in a post-Covid world. 
  • Asset Management: Reviewing current assets and optimising the performance of property teams, supporting and enhancing the evaluation of town centres and the regeneration of the high street. 
  • Organisational Development: Providing councils with a holistic view of their organisations, looking at the development and change of culture, values and behaviours needed to cope in the post-Covid world. This programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of each council and the outcomes they desire.
  • Digital Transformation: Focusing on the utilisation of available and emerging technologies to create a practical and adaptable IT strategy, designed to ensure that councils can successfully deliver vital public services. 
  • CEX Appraisal: Our facilitated Chief Executive appraisal service is tailored to your needs and designed to support the annual conversation about performance and targets.
  • LATCo: Helping your council to review, restructure and refocus the commercial activity of your trading company/s. 
  • Green/Sustainability Support: Climate change is a real threat facing us all. With our support, we can help our members transform commitments into action and drive strategies into transformative projects to achieve long term sustainability goals.
  • Senior Executive Recruitment: Helping you design and implement a meaningful recruitment campaign. We are dedicated to supporting our members find the right candidate for them.
  • Health and Care: Working with leadership teams, key service areas, and service users across organisational boundaries to improve health and care outcomes and transform service design and delivery.
  • Community Engagement: Establish successful and sustainable engagement practices to ensure successful community integration is established in order for  professionals and service users to collaborate on developing effective and appropriate access to professional services.