Strategic Migration Partnership

The East of England Local Government Association hosts the regional Strategic Migration Partnership, one of twelve UK partnerships funded by the Home Office.

The Partnership is a tiered regional network which works with partners to develop and support local migrant worker and asylum seekers and refugee networks, encompassing grass roots organisations and a network of multi-agency fora and specialist and task groups. All local groups feed into a regional Migrant Worker Steering Group and the Asylum and Refugee Reference Group, each with a mechanism to feed into respective national bodies.

The Partnership receives an annual grant from the Home Office for the operation of the enabling function as described above. Payment of the grant is dependent on the achievement of key performance indicators agreed between the East of England LGA Strategic Migration Partnership and the Home Office.

For more information about that Strategic Migration Partnership visit their website at:

Alternatively contact either Malgorzata Strona on 01284 758324 or email: or Louise Gooch on 01284 758308 or email: