Economic Growth

Vibrant local economies will drive UK plc’s recovery. Functional economies in the East of England are complex which is why interventions need to be (and are) tackled at different spatial scales. One of our top priorities is to help our authorities support growing and more competitive local economies.

We are currently supporting:

  • Engagement with London and the Wider South East - The East of England LGA is facilitating engagement through an effective relationship with the GLA and South East England Councils, supporting a series of high level roundtables to progress political discussion about future co-operation/co-ordination on strategic growth and infrastructure issues in the Wider South East, as well as supporting an East of England Spatial Planning Officer Liaison Group to provide technical advice a guidance to the work. 
  • The East of England Forecasting Model (EEFM) - The East of England Forecasting Model is owned by the East of England LGA and is designed to facilitate the setting of consistent housing and jobs targets. It provides a set of 'baseline' forecasts prepared by a leading independent forecasting house covering a wide range of variables, including gross value added, employment by sector, self-employment, unemployment, population, households, demand for dwellings, and carbon emissions.  For more information about the EEFM, including how to commission your own scenarios, please contact  Rebecca provides the day-to-day management of the model on behalf of the East of England LGA, and will be happy to discuss the model and your scenarios with you.
  • Supporting the development of Sub-National Transport Bodies - The East of England LGA is continuing to provide secretariat to the establishment of Transport East.  Transport East was launched in March 2018 as a vehicle for the delivery of a collective vision for transport and wider infrastructure in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Southend-on-sea and Thurrock. Further information about Transport East can be found at
  • East of England APPG - The East of England LGA continues to support the East of England All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), chaired by Peter Aldous MP and Daniel Zeichner MP. Further information on the APPG can be found at: 

For further information about this area of work please get in touch with or