Get to know Gilli Galloway – Lead Commercial Talent Bank Associate


Tell us about yourself:

I am a professionally qualified Chartered Manager, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and an experienced company director with a proven record of working with the public, private and third sectors.

I have extensive experience within the following:

  • Facilitating and supporting commercialisation initiatives
  • Delivering workshops on all aspects of commercialisation and culture change
  • Developing business cases and business plans
  • Writing and reviewing commercial strategies
  • Creating and supporting commercial programmes
  • Supporting the creation of mutuals, shared service arrangements, multi-agency collaborations trading accounts and exploring Joint Ventures and stand-alone companies

I am also Chair of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service Benevolent Trust, I manage the events and publicity co-ordination for my village church, and am the Ambassador for the Norfolk Hospice at Tapping House.


Tell us about where you have come from and what has led you to be an associate/consultant on EELGA’s Talent Bank:

My career has spanned a variety of fields;

  • The City of London in stockbroking
  • Banking in both operational, security and investigations roles
  • Civilian disaster recovery working with the blue light services and the UK and US military
  • Supporting the board of a significant £2bn redevelopment in the London Docks
  • Director of a Home Office initiative for people over 50
  • Corporate Director for a not for profit company providing services for young people across four north London boroughs
  • Working at a senior level for a large national charity managing their projects in Wales

I decided to set up my own company in 2007 to give me more variety and flexibility. To date, I have supported over 60 organisations to achieve their aspirations and targets successfully.


Sector/Industry you work in:

The primary sector that I work in is around all aspects of Commercialisation. Past assignments have involved developing and managing commercial programmes and working with Probation, Planning, Business Development, Hospice Services, Children’s Services (13-25), Adult Social Care, Legal Services, Building Control, Leisure Services, Democratic Services, Environment Agency, Procurement,  and Corporate and Executive teams.


What are the most significant challenges relating to Commercialisation posed by Covid:

The most significant challenges posed by Covid-19 for public sector organisations are the changing government restrictions which impact on future planning, considerable budget pressures, the local economy, reduction in capacity for new initiatives, the need for new income streams and increasing demands on local services.


How does the Commercialisation offer influence positive change and results for our members:

EELGA’s offer encompasses a wide range of support, which is easily accessible – enabling the right consultant to be placed at the right time.

Getting the right level of expertise and support early on is essential to ensure the success of present and future aspirations and targets.  The EELGA team can advise on the best way forward, and offer a range of solutions to fit all situations and budgets.

EELGA’s offers give its members a wealth of options, and may even highlight areas that they had not yet considered.  The ease of access via the procurement exclusion gives members a fast track entry to securing an experienced consultant quickly who has the right skills and abilities to deliver their required outcomes and outputs.