EELGA Roundtable Discussion: Norwich to Tilbury Grid Upgrade

18th April 2024
10:00 - 11:30
Virtual Event – Microsoft Teams
Entry Fees

The East of England LGA is running a series of free roundtable discussions in 2024 and 2025. These sessions are open to all councils in the East of England and their partner organisations. At the EELGA roundtable, you will hear from a guest speaker on each theme and have an opportunity to learn from, and share your own examples of, best practice, opportunities, and challenges.

Electrical energy is becoming increasingly important to the UK, both to boost energy resilience in the face of an increasingly unpredictable energy market, and to enable the transition away from fossil fuels. As part of that, the transmission network requires upgrading, to build the capacity needed to power our homes, cars, and everyday conveniences.

The way that the Government chooses to do this has important ramifications on the ground. Therefore, we at EELGA want to take time to prepare for the largest of these transmission projects in the East of England – the Norwich to Tilbury Grid Upgrade.

With a statutory consultation due later this year, it’s important for the East of England to, where possible, speak with a united voice to ensure that it is heard. Likewise, there may be key learning to be shared between local authorities with regards to managing the impacts of such large projects in your area, liaising with central Government, and pushing Government to be more aware of it’s impacts locally.

The feedback from this roundtable will be used to put together an EELGA mission statement in preparation for the statutory consultation. As a result, this particular roundtable will focus on views of administrations from across the East of England, with a focus on councillors specifically within our organisation’s remit as a member-led body. Therefore, officers should only attend if supporting their portfolio-holder as part of the roundtable.

Agenda to follow shortly.

Who should attend: Councillors and portfolio holders, supporting officers.

Please note: if this session is oversubscribed places will be limited to 2 – 3 people per authority.

If you have any queries please contact Matt Stewart, Policy and Programmes Manager, East of England LGA, email; [email protected]



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