EELGA’s Talent Bank; New Support to Help You Manage Contract and Associated Relationships

In partnership with Ken Cole and Rowenna Ward, Talent Bank associates, we are excited to offer our new, refocused ‘Commercial Contracting Challenge’ to all members.


Local Government spends £55 billion every year on third-party contracts and services. The government has indicated recently that it will soon be producing a procurement white paper following a recent policy consultation. Originally designed to transform procurement, the white paper places emphasis on social value, opportunities for local businesses, charities and social enterprises to innovate public service delivery.


The new Commercial Contracting Challenge helps councils to focus their contracting and procurement strategy on what matters to their communities. Rowena Ward said:

the white paper will equip councils with the ability to successfully manage relationships and contracts, putting social value at the heart of the decision-making process. The diagnostic challenge will allow them to test their readiness to make things happen, making the most of the changing policy emphasis.


This year, Rowena and Ken have already supported members with determining their procurement priorities.


Commenting on the Challenge process, Alison Griffin, the current Chief Executive of Southend, said:

 “The challenge was thought provoking and thorough from the start. It gave our leadership team new insights into where and how we needed to improve our approach to contract management and find new sources of value in the outcomes that we achieve.”


With the financial pressures local authorities are under, poor contract and relationship management can significantly affect the delivery of front-line services. Joe Winter, Head of Business Development and Marketing, said:

the contracting challenge provides unrivalled expertise to local authorities in handling contracts successfully, setting the right expectations and getting the outcomes they need.

For more information on EELGA’s Commercial Contracting Challenge, please click here. To speak to EELGA direct, please contact Joe Winter, Head of Business Development and Marketing [email protected]