Investigations in the East of England
Investigations in the East of England

The East of England LGA Talent Bank has a number of highly experienced investigators who respond to HR requests from across the region.  In 2012, HR Talent Bank Associates carried out 22 investigations, which makes up 50% of our HR work. 

The requests have included investigations into bullying, grievances and harassment, covering the Protected Characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act.  The majority of requests come from smaller councils who do not have the resources to conduct these complex investigations.  However, investigations are also undertaken by Talent Bank when it is too sensitive to have an internal manager carry it out or when there is a requirement for a designated independent person.

Talent Bank Associates also take on the important work of mediation and coaching roles as a follow up to the resolution of an investigation.  This is to help rebuild relationships between the parties, to facilitate the reintegration of the individual or to help address the behaviours which led to the original complaint.

Thanks again for the excellent work you did for the Borough Council

Kathy Lewis, Employee Relations Manager - Bedford Borough Council