Uttlesford District Council develops a Commercial Value Proposition for Building Control

6th September 2018

As part of a recent engagement, East of England LGA Associate Gilli Galloway delivered a half day workshop to enable Uttlesford to develop and agree a value proposition for its building control service.

The delegates worked through a structured process to explore and understand how they can effectively market their services to prospective customers, focussing on the benefits to the customer and why the Uttlesford offer is the “best in class” and good value for money.

The discussions followed a path to narrow down exactly why a customer would choose Uttlesford’s offer rather than use a commercial Approved Inspector.  The key areas that were explored were:

  • Identifying the key benefits (not features) that their service offers customers
  • Detailing the value that the service gives
  • Clearly understanding who the target customers are; are there different groups, what is offered to them and how is Uttlesford’s offer different?

All of these points were explored through facilitated discussion, challenged and refined with the support of the East of England LGA Associate and then brought together to form an agreed Value Proposition.

Feedback from the session was very positive, with Gordon Glenday, Assistant Director commenting:

“We always believed that we offered an excellent, value for money building control service.  However, we recognise the changes and challenges local councils continue to face in relation to delivering a quality service while being commercially savvy.  By holding the workshop, we reminded ourselves of why we are good – but acknowledged that there are still areas for development and improvement to be addressed if we are to remain competitive.  While this workshop focussed on the building control service, I feel that there is merit in adopting a similar process for other local authority services”.

This workshop gives practical guidance and advice to staff involved in developing or selling commercial services, particularly about how to articulate and market your offer to customers (your "Value Proposition").

The workshop is especially suitable for those who may be relatively new to commercialisation or with little or no experience of sales or marketing.

Whether you’re at the early stages of service commercialisation or you already have some commercial services up and running, East of England LGA can help you to take the next steps along this journey, based on our experience of working with numerous other organisations and teams in the same position.

Contact our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson, to find out more about how we can support you – call 01284 758310 or e-mail eddie.gibson@eelga.gov.uk.

Look out for details of this year’s Commercial Masterclass which is taking place on Friday 23rd November at the Granta Centre in Cambridge and is now for registrations on our web-site at:

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