Strengthening political collaboration in the Wider South East

4th October 2018

The Wider South East (WSE) Collaboration programme continues to strengthen political collaboration between councils in the East of England, South East and London, to ensure that the East plays an effective role in influencing the draft London Plan and is able to shape the ongoing joint lobbying effort.

The East of England LGA engagement on the draft London Plan continues to provide an important focus for the current phase of the collaborative programme.

The draft new London Plan was published by the Mayor for consultation in December 2017. The consultation period ended on Friday 2 March 2018, and the East of England LGA coordinated a joint regional response which is available on our website.

Responses will now be reviewed by an Independent Planning Inspector and a Panel has been appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct the EiP.

The next steps for the East of England, led by the Association's politically-led and cross-party Infrastructure and Growth Group, will be to engage with the GLA throughout the key stages leading up to and including the formal EiP hearing sessions which are expected to commence in January 2019.

For further information on this area of our work programme contact Kate O'Driscoll (

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