Special Interest Group for Countering Extremism (SIGCE) Eastern Regional Network

17th December 2019

Special Interest Group for Countering Extremism (SIGCE) Eastern Regional Network

On Friday 24th January 2020. the SIGCE will be holding their Eastern Regional Network at The Granta Centre, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AL.

At a time when the threat of extremism to our communities has never been greater, the need for local authorities to work together to counter this threat and support one another is paramount.  In November 2017 the Special Interest Group for Countering Extremism (SIGCE) was launched by Baroness Williams, Minister for Countering Extremism and Lord Bourne, Minister for Faith. The intention is that through this network, we can work together to tackle this complex and sensitive issue.

The SIGCE recognises that Local Authorities are equipped to define the best approaches to building stronger communities and tackling extremism at a local level, and that effective community leadership on this challenging agenda needs to be coordinated with both cohesion and integration as well as counter terrorism and “Prevent” policy agendas.

This network will provide an opportunity for those elected members responsible for the development and delivery of these programmes, to come together at least once a year to share good practice and provide practical support.

The SIGCE is particularly keen to engage with a wider group of local authorities, especially those who currently do not benefit from Home Office funded Counter Extremism Community Coordinator or Prevent Officers, as we recognise that the threat of extremism is increasing in many areas. We want to ensure that the network supports all authorities to meet the challenges of extremism and intolerance in their localities.

Following our regional survey conducted in August 2019 responded to by 24 authorities, we are inviting senior members and local authority officers from across the East of England region to take part in an initial network event. This will:

  • Provide overview of the work of the SIGCE and CE agenda for LAs
  • Share, explore and feedback on current extremism issues and risks for LAs in East of England
  • Consider what the SIGCE can offer and what authorities need from the network – now and in the future
  • Build relationships between colleagues across the Eastern region

This event is targeted at Senior Officers and Members from across the East of England region

To sign up to the event please click here

For further information about the network event please contact annie.richardson@eelga.gov.uk

For further information about the SIGCE please see www.local.gov.uk/sigce

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