Prevention is better than cure

6th December 2017

The East of England LGA and Eastern ADASS hosted a joint conference on 21 November 2017, chaired by James Bullion, Chairman of the Eastern ADASS, which brought together delegates to address how we develop an integrated and transformative approach to preventing and minimising the need for care.

In the face of huge pressures from continued austerity and demographic changes the imperative to reduce the need for care has never been more urgent.  The delivery of integrated care is leading the way in tackling the challenges but the most transformative approaches will come from preventing and minimising the need for care and support. 

Prevention and encouraging people to be more proactive about their health and wellbeing has gained importance since the implementation of the Care Act 2014 and is central to the vision of the NHS Five Year Forward Plan.  However, there are still a number of challenges to embedding preventative approaches into mainstream thinking. 

The event brought together leading thinkers and expert advisors to identify future trends, stimulate debate and think about how to tackle the challenges and identify opportunities for collaboration.
There was also the opportunity to explore what works through case studies, with Suffolk County Council presenting on their ambition to deliver prevention at scale, Thurrock Council on the potential of community-based approaches, and from Hertfordshire on their approach to rolling out social prescription.

There was a common theme throughout the day around the need for a system-leadership approach to prevention, delivered through closer partnerships between local authorities (including districts in two-tier areas), the health service, housing providers and the voluntary and community sector, alongside a recognition that the benefits and the costs of preventive approaches be shared.
All the presentations from the event are available at:

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