#NAW2018 Spotlight on… LGA Apprenticeships Maturity Model

9th March 2018

National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2018 runs from 5 – 9 March 2018 and is an opportunity not only to celebrate the success of established apprenticeships already underway, but also a chance to share some of the support options available to Councils across the East of England.

In January 2018, the Local Government Association (LGA) launched the Apprenticeships Maturity Model, a self-assessment tool targeted at single and upper-tier councils to help them shape and improve their apprenticeship programmes. It is based on a similar tool that was developed by the government to help councils improve their ‘troubled families’ programmes. The Model contains five key strands including workforce planning and procurement, and each strand has four levels – early, developing, maturing and mature – to highlight key outcomes and milestones as an apprenticeship programme progresses.

So far, feedback on the model has been positive, and around a third of the 151 upper and single-tier councils have assessed their progress using the model. Early analysis has highlighted that councils are making good progress in many areas, particularly leadership and culture and engagement, but there are a number of persisting challenges, including workforce planning, off the job training, planning and forecasting and engaging with schools.

The LGA are using the feedback from the Maturity Model to inform our support offer going forward, including developing a best practice guide based on the Maturity Model; a series of workshops and webinars on key topics, informed by the sector; a new six-weekly apprenticeships newsletter; and a revamped K-Hub group, which will be a new one-stop-shop for all our apprenticeship information, news and guidance. If you’re not already a member of the KHub or would like to receive the newsletter, please email sadique.miah@local.gov.uk.

The LGA are also developing a bespoke programme of support for those larger councils who are most in need of help (we expect to help about 30 between now and September). Councils will be required to self-assess through the Maturity Model before they can access this support. You can download a copy of the Maturity Model here. If you would like more information on the bespoke programme of support, please contact Jamie Saddler on Jamie.saddler@local.gov.uk or 07780 226 832.

Article by: Jamie Saddler, Apprenticeships Advisor, LGA.


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