Managers Invest in Apprenticeships

12th July 2019

In our latest "Managers Invest in Apprenticeships" series, we hear from Ollie Stevenson, Records Manager and Rebbeca Smith, Business Admin Apprentice from Thurrock Council.

For Ollie Stevenson, taking on business admin apprentice Rebbeca Smith was, as she described, a ‘breeze’. Only a few months into her apprenticeship, Rebbeca was showing real aptitude for records management as well as demonstrating a natural ability to engage with colleagues across the organisation.

As the Records Manager, Ollie quickly spotted these skills and gave her more records management work, which she easily took in stride. At the end of her 2 year apprenticeship Ollie was so keen to retain her skills that the apprenticeship was extended by another year. Rebbeca not only sailed through her level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship, but went on to complete her level 3 in 6 rather than 12 months and has since gone on to win apprentice of the year within the Thurrock Council Staff Awards.

Ollie’s experience of having an apprentice in her team has been extremely positive. She believes that the key to this success was identifying talent, ability and most importantly an interest from an early point in the apprenticeship journey. As Rebbeca found herself in a team that she not only had the skills to be in but that she also had an interest in, meaning that she had a willingness to learn, adding value along the way but challenging the norm and suggesting new ways to do things.

Having completed her apprenticeship, Rebbeca now works with new apprentices, providing support and mentorship to them during their apprenticeship. Ollie is hopeful that through thorough selection and induction processes, which identifies interest and talent as early as possible, other managers can also benefit for the success that she, the records management team and Thurrock Council have received.

Ollie happily reported to us that she has now submitted a business case for another apprentice!

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