Epaycheck Planning Report available for subscribers

4th October 2018

Our authorities here in the East of England are highly engaged in the Epaycheck system, and are commendably prompt with the updates required to give accurate reporting results.

Feedback regarding the system includes “I have a great working relationship with the team who provide Epaycheck support, so I trust the data contained within the system. I find the website easy to use and it’s so quick to generate the reports. Our Senior Leadership Team has used the data on multiple occasions and it saves us the time on doing benchmarking exercises where the data can be found on Epaycheck”

The newly published Epaycheck report entitled “Planning Roles: Pay, Recruitment and Retention” has recently been circulated to subscribers and  is proving of great interest and value to authorities employing staff in these roles.

For more information about E-paycheck see the Epaycheck website.

The other two reports from the last priority data update will follow shortly.

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