Chartered Planning Degree

3rd July 2018

New apprenticeship standards are developed by employer led groups known as “trailblazers” and need to be approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) before they can be delivered.  There has been a trailblazer group working on a degree apprenticeship for Chartered Town Planners, working with support from the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and it had been hoped that the standard would be approved so that providers could begin delivery in September this year. 

Despite intensive work from the trailblazer group, the end point assessment process for the planning degree apprenticeship was rejected and the group lodged an appeal.  The IfA aims to complete all appeals within 8 weeks and this should be by 18 July.

With the skills shortage in town planning across the country and the ambitious plans for infrastructure and housing it is an area where levy funding could be put to really good use to upskill new and existing staff so we are keen to show the depth of the need for this particular standard to be approved.

Template letters were sent round to all authorities (through the HR community) to be adapted and used to try and influence the appeal. 

While the East of England LGA are not part of the trailblazer group, our aim is to support them as our previous project regarding the shortage of planners identified the need for this qualification to be delivered in the region.

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