Building the foundations of Emotional Intelligence through Coaching CPD

6th April 2018

Following on from the East of England LGA Coaching Conference in February we are keeping the momentum up in the region and have agreed a programme of interactive CPD session for 2018. 

Our latest session on how to coach for emotional intelligence was facilitated by Rosemary Cooper-Clark an experienced and accredited leadership coach, team coach and coach mentor supervisor. The session was delivered on behalf of the EMCC UK (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

Coaches from both the East of England LGA Regional Coaching Pool and the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership came together to continue their professional development by adding a new diagnostic tool to their coaching approach, based on Daniel Goleman’s research.
Coaching someone to develop their emotional intelligence and increase their impact at work can unlock their true potential. Delegates on the day welcomed the concept and explored how workers with high emotional intelligence are able to work better in teams, adjust to change and be flexible in day to day work situations.

Rosemary also shared the research from EBW* (Emotions and behaviours at work) which links emotions to behaviours and thereby performance at work on a number of key dimensions.

The coaches practised using the approach to identify their own emotional profile and become more aware of how this might impact how they behave at work.  Rosemary led discussions on areas such as resilience, decision-making and influence.  Delegates discussed how stress and demands can change their behaviour which they experienced through a number of exercises Rosemary conducted with them.  Supporting someone to increase their self-awareness and how this might be seen by others opens the journey to taking control and managing their emotions in a more effective way.  Everyone then practised using the template to coach each other, giving them the ability to use it with their own coachees.

Coaches left with a question-bank of coaching questions for not only each of the four quadrants of the grid but also the emotional intelligent leadership competencies. 

The feedback from the session was extremely positive with delegates reporting they found it really useful to have some “good tools to work with straight away”. The session allowed them the “space to think about emotional intelligence” and how this learning can be used to support coachees to explore how emotional intelligence can impact their own behaviours and performance.  When thinking of the key insights and learning points from the session, delegates felt they had learnt to be “more self-aware” and would “encourage this in others and teams.”

Our commitment to developing our coaches and giving them new skills to help them grow and develop remains a key objective of the Regional Coaching Pool.  Our series of CPD workshops provide an excellent avenue for key learning to be taken back to the workplace to help optimise individual and organisational performance.  Future sessions include ‘Coaching for Wellness’ and ‘Virtual Coaching’.

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