Apprenticeships in Councils in the East of England are growing

13th December 2017

An increasing number of authorities are taking up the challenge to Get up and Grow apprentices.  Results from the latest survey across Councils in the East of England are showing an increase in activity as Councils start to address the government’s challenge on apprenticeships.  With a 96 response rate (50 out of the 52 councils) we now have a good regional picture.  The combined apprenticeship levy across the region is in excess of £8 ¼ million, and that’s without schools or the fire service.

The combined target for new apprenticeship starts is in excess of 1,500 by 30 March 2021 and we are on our way with 317 starts between 1 April and 30 September this year. Of course we have more Apprentices than that as there were already 440  apprenticeships at 1 April this year and some are ongoing, in actual fact by the end of the period there were 589 although not everyone was able to give us a figure.  While there are eight councils reporting that they have had no apprentices start since April, six already had apprentices among the workforce and one has been working on an overarching workforce plan which will include new apprentices. 
The range of the apprenticeships is changing too.  Historically the vast majority of apprenticeships have been in Business Administration but only 43% are in that field. 

There is also a lot of work to support new trailblazers and 16 councils reported being involved with one or more trailblazer groups.  Full results of the survey are still being analysed and will be circulated in due course. 
The regional working group continue to work on implementation of the Regional Apprenticeship Strategy and the next meeting is in early December.

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