What can you do to Fight the Climate Crisis?

‘Councils acting alone won’t stop the climate crisis, but there are things we can do together.’


We asked our Climate Change expert, Angela Hogg, to share her insights on what can be done to make a difference.



‘The challenge for Leadership teams is to understand what stage of their climate change journey they are at, with a clear strategy for achieving sustainable outcomes and reducing CO2 emissions.’

However, in many organisations, sustainability is peripheral to the delivery of core services. There is also a tendency to believe technology is the sole answer.

‘If the council’s top team is fully committed, budgets will be prioritised and aligned to achieving agreed objectives with supporting action plans in place to make it happen.’



There’s a need to work collaboratively across organisations and borders with consistent public engagement.

‘Together, the whole of the public sector can achieve sustainability, and with changes to procurement guidelines, this and social value should be at the heart of buying decisions.’

When purchasing services or goods, councils are customers and can influence markets with their buying choices.

Evidence shows us that achieving long-term sustainability is based on behavioural change.

“Co-production” of solutions to climate change problems and being clear about tasks and timeframes helps all parties feel involved and supports changing mindsets.

This is not necessarily as difficult as might be thought. Using independent East of England Local Government Association (EELGA) Talent Bank associates to scope and plan climate change projects ensures all stakeholders are aligned to the same goals.



Your council doesn’t have to bear the burden alone. Outsourcing can find the resources you need, but too few providers have the essential public-sector knowledge required to get realistic, achievable action plans – but EELGA can help. Check out EELGA’s new Green Offer to see how we can support you.

Could your council benefit from Angela’s support? Express an interest in contracting Angela through her Talent Bank profile.

Or, to speak to EELGA direct, please contact Joe Winter, Head of Business Development, Communications and Marketing [email protected].