Transport East Secures DfT Funding

Transport East has been awarded £425,000 for 2020/21 by the Department for Transport


Following the completion of our 100-day plan, Transport East has been awarded £425,000 for 2020/21 by the Department for Transport to drive forward our technical work programme.


This demonstrates the government’s strong confidence in our partnership. The DfT funding for 2020/21 will deliver the following outputs:

  1. Evidence Base
Build a credible and in-depth understanding of how transport investment in our region specifically supports:

  • The ability of our international gateways to support the UK economy
  • Energised coastal communities
  • Multi-centred connectivity

National economic recovery and growth

  1. Transport Strategy
Our first Transport Strategy, based on evidence and engagement with partners, will set out a thematic and spatial approach for transport to 2050, providing a robust framework for future government infrastructure investment in our sub-national area
  1. COVID-19 Recovery: (See item below for more details)
COVID-19 has introduced new transport challenges and opportunities. These two problem-solving assignments will help develop better post-COVID19 models of delivery related to active travel and passenger transport – with a focus on rural/semi-urban connectivity challenges (see item 4 below)
  1. Investment and Delivery Plan:
To be an effective sub-national transport body, we need to speak with one voice on our investment priorities. This work package will be an output from our Strategy, enabling our partnership to identify a programme of transport priorities to achieve our strategic goals, and ensure they are embedded in delivery plans of Highways England, Network Rail, government and others.