The National LGA: Local Green Jobs

119,000 low-carbon jobs could be in the East of England


The National LGA has launched a report on local green jobs. It includes extensive research into how many green jobs are needed in each local authority area across the country to ensure we are carbon neutral by 2050. You will be able to see a breakdown for your area using our LG inform tool. This could also be a really useful tool for councils to prepare themselves for the changes their areas may face in the coming years.

The National LGA report found that there could be over 1.18 million low-carbon jobs needed in England by 2050 as we transition to a net-zero economy – of these 119,000 could be in the East of England.

We believe that the centrally driven employment and skills support that is currently in place could fail to meet the need for these new green jobs.

In the National LGA report they call for a localised approach to the skills system to help the country economically recover post COVID-19, ensure the skills gap is filled and to effectively tackle climate change.

As part of the National LGA campaign, they are asking councils to get involved. The National LGA have created a couple of social media assets and drafted a tweet for councils to use which will highlight the report’s findings. They are asking councils to use the assets and draft tweet in the following link: