Public Service Reform

The Environment in which the public sector operate is becoming increasingly challenging.  Finances continue to tighten across the system, alongside a backdrop of rising demand at a local level for housing, infrastructure and transport, as well as a basic services such as health and social care.

Collaboration across public services is widely recognised as essential approach in tackling these mounting challenges.  Public services must work together within their wider ‘systems’ to come up with radically different cross boundary solutions - organisational, professional and geographical - so they can continue to provide excellent services to their communities.

This requires the sector to drive forward a bottom-up transformation of how local services work, alongside a greater ask of central government for more power and freedoms to do so.

Here at the East of England LGA we help public sector system partners remodel their services so they are designed around the needs of their citizens, and meet the challenges facing the sector.

The service develops skills, organisational capabilities and identifies solutions to challenges impacting on public sector service delivery, as well as creating the culture necessary for new service delivery models to thrive.

Above all it equips the sector with the skills and tools to tackle the challenges more innovatively.

System Leadership
This is a time of immense change and opportunity.  Few leaders will have experienced this environment before and staff will be looking to their leaders to motivate, guide, empower and support them in taking forward this agenda.

Systems leadership seeks to affect change across multiple interacting and intersecting systems.  This involves a shift from organisational leaders to leaders of place and community.

We can take leaders on the journey to developing the skills and behaviours needed to co-create the systems leadership networks which are integral to the future of the public sector.

The devolution agenda offers the opportunity to radically redesign how public services operate at local level.  However, there are several specific challenges for those responsible for carrying it out.

With strong relationships across the East of England and nationally, we can support partnerships working locally to navigate through these unchartered waters and make the most of the opportunities offered by devolution, while avoiding the potential risks.

Shared Services and Management
Shared services enable councils to reduce duplication and make much needed efficiencies; freeing up funds from the back office to be spent on improving the front line. 

There are already a number of shared services models within the East of England, and the East of England LGA has been a key partner in supporting the development of a number of these approaches.

The East of England LGA can bring this experience to support partners with an interest in shared services and management to understand, build a business case and implement the best option to achieve their aims. We will also help to navigate the trickier elements of the process, such as governance and sovereignty, accountability and, legal and HR issues.

Accelerated change programme
Our Accelerated change programme brings together partners from across a system who share a common challenge or issue. It takes them through to the identification of a shared, preferred solution and the formation of an outline business case for change.

The programme provides tailored delivery to meet your local needs and requirements and creating solutions that are right for you. 

We have designed it to enable you to:

  • Develop a clear vision of what is needed
  • Identify and prioritise the activities that will deliver the most effective outcomes
  • Gain the necessary support, both internally and externally
  • Push boundaries to create new and innovative solutions
  • Create a framework for continued high level support and a lasting programme

Organisations can be those with an existing affiliation, for example, a Local Enterprise Partnership or a Housing sub-region. Alternatively, the programme can be used very effectively to bring together organisations across the wider public sector and beyond, including local authorities, emergency services, health service providers and community-led or voluntary sector organisations.

We have already delivered a number of change programme ranging from identify better delivery models for issues as diverse as civil parking enforcement, an ageing population, reducing teenage pregnancy and asset management.

If you wish to discuss your current or future requirements, then please get in touch with or 01284 758300.