The East of England LGA offers services that help local authorities develop their capability, increase skills and knowledge, encourage sharing and collaboration, identify savings and enable ongoing added value from their procurement and contracting activities.

The information below provides an overview of some of the services we offer.

We have also produced a Procurement Services brochure which provides more in depth information about each area of support and assistance through our Support Services.  You can download it here.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer Programmes
A key aspect of improving procurement and contracting capability is acquisition of the most appropriate and up-to-date skills. We have worked with nationally recognised procurement experts, to develop a series of skills and knowledge transfer programmes which can be delivered on-site for as little as £50 per delegate. Our most popular programmes are outlined below but each of these can be customised to suit your own needs.

Contract and Relationship Management
All local authorities need to find significant cashable savings in the current financial climate and this programme demonstrates that savings can be made on contractual arrangements without compromising outcomes.

This one-day programme is designed to give people the skills and knowledge they need to sharpen their approach to commercial contract management. This course can be followed up by an ‘Advanced’ programme, using a practical Case Study, aimed at those who already have the basic knowledge of Contract and Relationship Management

Specification Writing
There is a growing recognition that getting specifications right before going out to market forms a crucial part of delivering a successful service once the contract is in place. Our programme helps delegates to identify and apply a range of techniques to the process of developing a specification.

Public Contracts Regulations 2015 Training
Straight-forward, practical training on the implications of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 for those involved in public procurement. Either a half-day or one-day course that is equally suitable for both procurement professionals and those who need only a working knowledge of PCR2015, this course can be delivered on-site at your offices for as little as £30 per delegate.

If you would like a quote for delivery of any of these programme or you would like to discuss your own requirements with a view to producing something bespoke, then please contact Eddie Gibson – details below.

The Procurement Challenge
If you are striving to become an effective Commissioning Council but are concerned that your commissioning and procurement activities are not giving you the commercial edge, then The Commissioning and Procurement Challenge is for you.  You will receive a short Management Report with an Executive Summary informing future direction and outlining areas for improvement backed with evidence based information. Findings and recommendations are clearly laid out under seven distinct topics. For more information, please click here to download our flyer.

The Contract Management Challenge
We have worked with our procurement training partner, SPS Consultancy Ltd, to develop a new “challenge” process. This is similar to our existing “Procurement and Commissioning Challenge” but with a specific focus on developing skills to improve “Commercial Contracting” in organisations. 

If your organisation is interested an evaluation of your current approach to Contract Management, including recommendations for how you could improve, as well as an opportunity to up-skill key staff, then the “Commercial Contract Challenge” could be for you. For more information, please click here to download our flyer.

Bespoke Support Packages
At the East of England LGA, we acknowledge that “off the shelf” solutions do not always provide the most effective type of support. Whatever your needs, we have access to a range of skilled and experienced associates that can provide a package of expertise and support to meet your particular requirements.

Recent examples of our bespoke procurement support include:

  • Management of collaborative procurements, bringing together multiple partners
  • Reviews of procurement process and documentation to ensure that it reflects current good practice
  • Delivery of “master-class” sessions to enthuse, inform and stimulate your staff about the value of excellent procurement
  • Acting as a procurement “Critical Friend” on high-risk or high-value procurement projects

If you would like to discuss your support requirements, then please get in touch with: Eddie Gibson: 01284758310 m: 07500769740 e:

Alternatively, please contact the Talent Bank on: 01284 758300 or