Commercialising Public Services

Many authorities are looking to adopt a more commercial approach to delivering services, whether through developing additional and sustainable sources of revenue or simply adopting a more business-like culture across their organisation.  We have worked with a number of authorities who are pursuing this as a way to improve their financial resilience and to support the delivery of core services.

The East of England LGA offers services to assist authorities to develop their capability, increase skills and knowledge and successfully achieve their commercial aspirations.

Project Support

We can offer hands-on support to our authorities from the associates in our Talent Bank with a range of recent projects including:

  • Reviews of existing commercial activity
  • Business Plan development, review and implementation
  • Staff involvement and engagement
  • Trusted advisor/critical friend review
  • Moving from commercial concept to operational reality
  • Establishing and supporting effective governance
  • Provision of expert legal advice on trading models

Our Associates are flexible and experienced individuals, all with track records of practical success. Being part of EELGA, they bring the benefit of the knowledge and intelligence gained from undertaking work elsewhere in the East of England and beyond.

We will tailor our support to exactly what you need, so contact us for a discussion.

In addition to support for individual projects or commercial ventures, we offer a number of training programmes, developed for and targeted at local authorities.

1) The Business Accelerator Programme

Delivered by the East of England LGA and Essex County Council working in partnership, the Business Accelerator is an intensive programme of training, support, mentoring and development, designed to help emerging or developing local authority commercial ventures to make the most of their potential.

Based around a series of master-classes focussing on specific commercial skills, the programme also includes ongoing support to your business from the two experienced commercial professionals who facilitate and deliver these master-classes.

Unlike traditional individual skills training, the Business Accelerator aims to develop an entire commercial team and is available for groups of between 3 and 5 people from an individual local authority trading company, business or other appropriate commercial operation. The end result is the production of a new or revised Business Plan for the team to take back and implement “in the real world”

Find out more about the Business Accelerator here or contact either: Eddie Gibson at the East of England LGA – tel: 01284 758300 or Caroline Adlem at Essex County Council – tel: 07501 228744 to discuss further or to book a place for your business.

2) Commercial Insights for Managers

A one-day programme, particularly aimed at local authority Senior Managers and Directors.  The sessions are focussed on the practical aspects of identifying and generating commercial opportunities, developing a value proposition, managing and mitigating risk, understanding the commercial market, selecting the right trading vehicle and implementing culture change. 

The programme can be customised to suit individual requirements, if required, and an abbreviated version is also available for delivery to elected Members.

3) Commercialisation in the Public Sector

This is a popular two-hour session, which takes staff through an awareness-raising programme on how commercialisation works effectively in the public sector.  It looks at how all staff can make a contribution to ideas and projects and gives practical tips on how to make a commercial idea a success.  This is typically used to raise the general level of commercial awareness within an authority to support its commercial aspirations and aid cultural change.

4) Developing a Business Case

This is run as a 2.5-hour session aimed at staff who are going to be involved in, or who are already developing a commercial business case.  It gives practical and helpful tips on what should be included and why, how to gain the maximum support and impact and clear guidance on the differences and interactions between a business case and a business plan.

The programme can be customised to include any in-house business case templates and decision-making routes.

5) Developing a Value Proposition

Also run as a half-day session, this workshop gives practical guidance and advice to staff involved in selling commercial services, particularly about how to articulate and market your offer to customers (your "Value Proposition"). The course is especially suitable for those who may be relatively new to commercialisation and with little or no experience of sales or marketing.

Whatever challenge you face in Commercialising Public Services, please contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help you:

Eddie Gibson, Senior Manager, East of England LGA –
Tel: 01284 758300 or 07500 769740