Asset Management

Here at the East of England LGA we are able to offer support services on a wide range of asset management topics.

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable  team who are able to bring their talent and expertise to undertake reviews, manage projects and programmes, and advise on strategies and new initiatives.

The information below gives a brief overview of the services we have on offer. We have also produced an Asset Management Offer brochure which provides more in depth information about each area of support.  You can download it here.

Our fees are very competitive and we are proud of our achievements and high standards of service delivery.

Energy Performance Contracting
Energy Performance Contracting is a model for identifying and delivering energy efficiency improvements to buildings so that owners can benefit from savings.  The East of England LGA can help authorities take advantage of this by linking them with front runners in the field who have already procured OJEU compliant partner contractors and help them assess benefits.

Data Mapping
High level data mapping enables councils and the rest of the public sector to see all their assets on one shared system which helps them drive out new opportunities.  The East of England LGA can help other authorities across the East establish their own version of EPAM to enable them to exploit their property assets fully and work more productively with partners  in identifying opportunities.

Option Appraisals  and Joint Ventures
Reluctant to sell the family silver? Know what you want to achieve – but less sure how to deliver it? The East of England LGA  has its own specialists and  can assemble the expert team required to help councils with their own appraisals and reviews so they can think beyond traditional approaches and make the very best use  of the family silver in the  long term.

Locality Area Reviews
Locality Area Reviews enable councils and other public bodies to review and challenge their estates in a rigorous and informed way to identify new opportunities.  This locality review service is available to all local authorities in the East of England and the proven methodology is likely to yield significant opportunities.

Housing Support Services
Housing is top of the national political agenda. Councils are under pressure to plan for and deliver housing growth. Councils need to have a co-ordinated strategic response to these issues which the East of England LGA can assist with.
- Do you seek reassurance that your housing service is performing well? 
- Are your strategies fit for purpose and relevant?
- Do you have policies and partnerships in place to deliver housing growth? 
- Do you have the right staff structures to deliver the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) effectively? 
- Do you want to eliminate the use of bed and breakfast?
The East of England LGA offers experienced strategic housing specialists to support your local authority in the following ways: 
-  Peer Reviews of Housing Services 
-  Housing and Homelessness Strategy refresh

Reviews of:
o Homelessness services and strategies in light of the Homelessness Reduction Act
o Growth and new housing supply
o Temporary accommodation
o Private rented sector engagement and opportunities
o Supported housing provision and preparedness for future policy changes
o Aids and adaptations services in light of Better Care Fund outcomes

Creating Successful Partnerships
Successful partnerships with the private sector and other bodies are vitally important but can be challenging to achieve. The East of England LGA support can help councils  build high performing teams  and turn around existing partnerships which are at risk  of underperforming or failing.  It can also advise on the specification, procurement  and selection of new partners.

Strategic Asset Management Review
A Strategic Asset Management review looks at the whole asset management function in a council  or public body and advises on improvement and development. The East of England LGA  review service will achieve a balanced overall assessment by examining the service  under four broad headings  of Strategy and Vision, Asset Challenge, Delivery Capability and Management Arrangements.

Civic Office Rationalisation
Are your offices fit for the 21st Century? Do they enable agile working? Do they offer a good customer experience? Are they  a drain on resources? The East of England LGA  helps councils identify their  best options through business cases and advises on how  to bring these to fruition through change management programmes and on the best ways of engaging the private sector for delivery

Using assets more commercially plays a vital role in helping councils improve revenues and become more entrepreneurial.  The East of England LGA has expert resources to work with you to identify opportunities, work up practical plans and assist in implementation.

If you wish to discuss your current or future requirements, then please get in touch with our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson t: 01284 758310 m: 07500 769740 e:

Alternatively, please get in touch with or call 01284 758300.