Talent Bank

East of England LGA Talent Bank provides access to a shared pool of high quality associates in areas we know are a priority. It provides a quick and easy way to access additional capacity and expertise when you need it.

Our Talent Bank has been developed to support our subscription offer by providing additional in-depth support in priority areas.  It enables councils to draw upon specialist expertise and additional capacity from a pool of quality associates.
This is a paid-for service with associates provided on a flexible day-to-day rate, or project package basis and is part of our strategy to increase the sustainability of the East of England LGA. This adds value to our overall offer and keeps subscription costs down by providing opportunities to generate income. 

To use this service please visit https://marketplace.eelga.gov.uk or 01284 758300.

The areas supported by the Talent Bank are:

What you can expect from Talent Bank

  • We have a unique position within the sector as a politically-led organisation. 
  • We have an extensive network of contacts and relationships with proven high quality associates. 
  • We have a deep knowledge of the region, sector and professional disciplines, as well as insight and understanding of the current and future issues, challenges and opportunities facing the sector. 
  • We have a proven track record for delivering positive outcomes that are carefully tested and vetted. 
  • We provide ongoing re-investment to support the funding of future programmes within the sector.