Syrian Refugee Students Receive GCSE Results

Students, Shaimaa Bakeesh and Maya Alhamoud have just successfully completed their GCSE’s at Iqra Academy in Peterborough

Since September 2016, Iqra Academy based in Peterborough the only Muslim faith All- Girls School in the county, has taken on seven Syrian Refugee students. Our current students, Shaimaa Bakeesh and Maya Alhamoud have just successfully completed their GCSE’s. Shaimaa achieved seven passes in English Language (4), English Literature (5), Maths (5), Core Science (5), Additional Science (5), Religious Education (5), Arabic (A*). Maya achieved four passes in English Language (4), English Literature (4), Core Science (4), Arabic (A*). Both are now going on to A Level studies, as Shaimaa wants to be an Architect and Maya wants to go in to Business.

When Shaimaa and Maya joined us in September 2016 both had gaps in their education history and little grasp of the English Language, which makes their progress even more remarkable.

Shaimaa and Maya have embraced school life to the full. Both represented the School’s Student Leadership team at various events, including at the International StudentLeadership Conference in Holland. Both are in the School’s Combined Cadet Force and represented the School at the CCF National Camp in Thetford, where Maya was recognized for her leadership qualities and promoted to the rank of Corporal and awarded the “Best Cadet” Annual Cup from TDET.

Shaimaa and Maya have participated in the School Choir and both have represented the Schools Football team, which have won the Muslim Schools National Title for the past four years.

Shaimaa herself says; “When I came to the School I felt very welcome and everyone helped me with my English. I now have lots of friends at Iqra Academy and it has helped me to settle in to Peterborough and to School life at Iqra Academy. I really appreciate all the support I have had from all the organisations that have helped me and my family move from Lebanon to Peterborough, including the “Children of Adam” Charity that has sponsored us. We love it at Iqra Academy and will be eternally grateful.”

Maya says; “Four years ago I came to England from Jordan, I spent five years in Jordan as a refugee from Syria where we were put in special schools, jobs and housing just for Syrians. I now live here in Peterborough, England, as a proud citizen. Sport is a very important part of my life. I play football with my three brothers and I have joined my school’s football team winning four National titles, the Muslim schools league and the National interfaith schools Cup. I also take part in weekly football training sessions with Peterborough United and my school is in partnership with Arsenal football club where they come and coach us once a month. I love living here in Peterborough, there are so many opportunities open to me and I am trying to take as many as I can. I have trained with Peterborough Athletics club and I have joined the Combined Cadets Force run at the School in partnership with the Thomas Deacon Academy. I live near the beautiful Nene Park Ferry Meadows where my family and I enjoy so many walks and cycles around the lakes. I Enjoy coming into town and shopping at Queensgate at the weekends, having coffee with my friends and family and enjoying the local sights such as the magnificent cathedral where we have been to for services. I am determined to work hard and take all the opportunities that I have living here, to become successful and have a great career and life.

Thankyou Peterborough for welcoming me and my family, I hope that I will return the faith that you have in me, when I go on to gaining a good career and give something back to the local community here in Peterborough.”


Iqra Academy School Football Team, second from right Maya