Support Services

The East of England LGA Support Service provides expert advice and support to enable you to work on topical challenges and issues. It is adaptable to the changing landscape to bring the most relevant service.

Local councils are facing a time of tough and complex pressures and must undertake its role against the backdrop of these challenges: 

  • The decision to leave the European Union has altered the political landscape and presents a number of challenges and opportunities; one of these challenges is the potential impact on workforce capacity in key areas (such as health and care) that are already under pressure.
  • The East of England brings significant added value to the UK’s economy, and there are opportunities for local authorities to build on this track record to tackle the most important economic challenges; those of housing delivery and infrastructure investment.
  • Collaborating beyond boundaries, sectors and with partner organisations to maintain essential public service must now be embraced as “the new normal” in order to protect frontline services and ensure positive outcomes for communities.
  • With traditional savings and efficiency activity reaching exhaustion, local authorities must increasingly adopt a more commercial and innovative approach to their activities to maintain financial sustainability.
  • The environment of financial restraint and rising demand has implications on resource management and organisational development, as well as on the effective commissioning, procurement and management of external contracts.
  • In order to sustain the transformation required, local authorities must ensure that they have a workforce with the new skills and qualities needed, as well as a clear strategy for attracting in new talent.

In addressing the contextual challenges outlined above our core subscription offer focusses on four priority themes: Economic Growth and Infrastructure, Public Sector Resources and Reform, Future of Health and Social Care, European Union and the impact of “Brexit”.  We also host the East of England Strategic Migration Partnership.

Our areas of work currently includes:

Economic Growth and Infrastructure

We will:

  • Harness the collective strength of the Wider South East Partners to make the case for strategic infrastructure investment and progress identified schemes of mutual benefit.
  • Ensure that our members and their partners have a strong voice in the development of the London Plan.
  • Support our members with meeting new and existing housing pressures, and tackling barriers to housing growth.
  • Support our members and strategic partners to work together to call for essential investment in strategic transport corridors.  

Public Service Resources and Reform

We will: 

  • Support partnerships to make the most of the opportunities offered by public service reform.
  • Help partners navigate the process of asset management to improve service delivery and achieve efficiency gains.
  • Support our members to identify savings and enable ongoing added value from their procurement and contracting activities.
  • Equip our members with the skills and capabilities needed to pursue commercial services to improve financial resilience and to support the delivery of core council services.

Future of Health and Social Care

We will:

  • Provide leaders with a forum to debate and tackle matters of common concern and share best practice.
  • Support collaboration in developing new and innovative ways of working to tackle the social care crisis.

Europe and the Impact of the EU Referendum on Exiting the EU

We will:

  • Support partners in understanding and navigating the Brexit process, including gaining clarity on the future of EU funding and implications for the workforce.
  • Engage with the Government to highlight East of England priority issues arising from Brexit.