Spotlight on: Trish Reed and the Homelessness Challenge

A full review of your Homelessness service will help to inform strategic priorities going forward
Spotlight on: Trish Reed and the Homelessness Challenge

“A full review of your Homelessness service will help to inform strategic priorities going forward, make recommendations for service improvements and thereby help reduce costs.”

Since the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act in April 2018, Councils have faced significant challenges to their housing and homelessness teams, not least increased numbers of approaches from those in housing need.

Trish Reed, an Associate from the East of England LGA’s “Talent Bank”, has recently delivered a number of reviews examining the effectiveness of the structures put in place, how the new legislation has impacted the service and particularly what impact has been felt on numbers of households placed in temporary accommodation.

Whilst an allocations policy can play a key role in preventing homelessness this can only be achieved if they are designed to meet rather than restrict access to those with housing needs. With over 25 years’ experience Trish has a sound track record of improving housing advice and homelessness services. Drawing on this knowledge Trish can both identify the challenges created for your Authority since the implementation of the act and guide and support your authority to overcome these challenges. 

Trish’s approach balances a pro-active, robust housing advice and homeless prevention service with an effective allocations policy to ensure the best use of social housing stock, reducing costs and minimising numbers in temporary accommodation. Trish can also assist with creating an up to date Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy and action plan as this, along with partnership working across both statutory, voluntary and private sectors, is crucial for success.

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