Spotlight on Marilyn Smyth, Specialist Dispute Resolution Consultant (Specialising in Investigations and Mediation)

Marilyn is a Fellow of the CIPD and has spent the last 12 years as an Employment Tribunal Member, until recently relinquishing this role. Marilyn’s knowledge of employment law is extensive.

“I have worked with EELGA for many years and thoroughly enjoy working with them; we are completely aligned in our values of offering value-for-money and added value to every client.  They are always available to support.  Being a consultant can be isolating at times, but I never feel isolated when working alongside EELGA; they are completely inclusive”

Marilyn has been working with us at the East of England Local Government Association for many years handling employment and customer complaints and mediations across many local authorities all levels and across all directorates.

Marilyn has now conducted over 370 investigations and 160 mediations over her 17 years as a Dispute Resolution Consultant; she has specialist knowledge in education, planning and all areas of environment.  We have received significant positive feedback about her attitude, employment law knowledge and ability to write reports that demonstrate the evidence base in an easy-to-read format.

More recently, Marilyn has conducted an in-depth investigation into a joint grievance involving all members of staff. This was an incredibly complex case, with information differing between witnesses. The client was very satisfied indeed with the final report, that aimed to demonstrate the underlying issues that were not immediately apparent at the outset.

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