Working together to tackle domestic violence in Norfolk
Working together to tackle domestic violence in Norfolk

A programme initiated by the Norfolk Community Safety Partnership (NCCSP) to develop practical ways for partners to work together on the key priority of domestic abuse has been supported by the East of England LGA.

Blue Marble was commissioned by the East of England LGA, using funding from our Investment Programme, to take forward this work using their Solution Centre process, a fast-track collaborative method of working in partnership on a shared problem. Crucially, the process ensures that each stage builds incrementally, securing commitment and ownership from decision makers at key points along the way.  The need for this project arose because the absence of a collaborative partnership was resulting in a failure to tackle the issue of domestic violence in Norfolk most effectively.

A core solution group made up of a range of partners was established to consider a new delivery model that would seek to achieve:

  • integration of delivery on the ground
  • increased prevention through developing community resilience
  • protection of most vulnerable people.

As an initial step, workshops took place to identify the issues and problems that the NCCSP were seeking to overcome and to agree on a joint ambition and priorities.  The joint ambition that emerged was “the creation of a single early intervention system that is designed to increase levels of early voluntary disclosure and support the development of a culture of DA non-acceptable across Norfolk”.

An in depth analysis on the evidence of domestic abuse in Norfolk enabled the solution group to consider the demographic groups affected by domestic violence. It emerged that there was specific gaps in service provision for example among ethnic minorities and people with alcohol problems.

A number of collaborative solutions were identified under four key components:

  • Workforce capabilities,
  • Marketing and awareness,
  • Integrated commissioning
  • Service delivery.

It has been said that there has been an increase of 20% of reporting of domestic abuse since the Solution Centre.  Jon Shalom, Community Safety Co-ordinator – Norfolk County Council said
“We found the Solution Centre useful, it was especially important to use someone without specific expertise of domestic abuse to look at the service. Due to the difficulty surrounding the issue, the lack of reporting and the large amount of agencies involved, the facilitation was beneficial."

As a result of the initial review carried out by Blue Marble, NCCSP have asked Blue Marble to carry out a further review of the implementation stage. Furthermore Norfolk County Council has funded a project manager to ensure the implementation and the programme will be managed by a strategic board.

For further information please contact:
Eddie Gibson, Senior Manager at East of England LGA 01284 758310