Southend Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Programme
Southend Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Programme

saving per annum

The programme was commissioned by the Southend Together Partnership (the LSP) to investigate the problem of domestic violence in Southend; seen as a major problem within the area and which costs public services an estimated £15.9m p.a. The aim was to address root causes with solutions covering the experience of victims and perpetrators and their access to services.

The Solutions Service programme brought together all local partners in an intensive 10 week process. A cross-section of practitioners, covering borough, council, police, social care, and local hospital, voluntary sector groups who work with victims, probation and housing, came together for the first time to work through the issues, map out all the root causes, share experiences and co-design a new delivery solution. The programme uncovered and mapped out the significant duplication of effort across partners and identified ways of streamlining activity into a more effective and coherent service.

The proposed solution, a new single organisation operating as a social enterprise from a dedicated new service centre, will provide a dynamic focal point and leadership for the Borough on tackling domestic abuse. With a focus on prevention services built around the needs of victims its proposed that a new professional 'triage' and single risk framework will enable key case workers to manage down the incidents of domestic abuse. A local base will provide an easy access point and speedy and effective links to core services.

If made operational the new service should result in fewer incidents through earlier intervention, prevention and social marketing. A reduction in repeat offending will be driven through better risk assessment and victim/perpetrator support. A 10% - 20% of reduction in repeat offenders is aniticpated to save in the region of at least £600k per annum. These savings will be generated from a combination of less need for expensive emergency housing, fewer police investigations, reduced impact on the criminal justice system and fewer admissions to A&E departments.

The Solutions Service was successful through using the core Solutions Group in particular to obtain and analyse evidence and insight from a range of partners and by then aligning partners to a new, integrated service model.

It helped the strategic partnership see how we could turn an important joint priority in difficult cross-cutting issues into practical new delivery on the ground. It also provided the momentum to identify new ways of working that have the potential to save significant sums of money and provide better services for our residents.

Ade Butteriss, Senior Partnership Advisor - Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.