New Local Authority Trading Company Established
New Local Authority Trading Company Established

A new company set up by Harlow Council will provide a range of property and environmental services such as council housing repairs, street cleaning, grass cutting and pest control to Harlow residents from 1 February 2017. As local councils across the region look for new ways to save money, Harlow Council has decided to bring these vital services in-house under a new entity known as HTS (Property and Environment) Ltd which is a subsidiary of HTS Group Limited.

The Council’s decision, in September 2015, to make this move has required extensive business planning. The East of England LGA has supported the Council through it journey by providing support from our Talent Bank. An associate worked with the council and company through their negotiations to help them achieve a shared vision and set a budget.

Our Talent Bank has been developed to support our subscription offer by providing additional in-depth support in priority areas.  It enables councils to draw upon specialist expertise and additional capacity from a pool of quality associates.

The expected savings of the recurring revenue costs from this venture are believed to be £3.250million over 10 years. The company has secured a contract that will enable it to deliver and grow over the next five years and further.

Head of Finance at Harlow District Council said:
“It was great to have the input to the project from a completely neutral perspective. The associate brought a wealth of experience to the work and was able to present the data clearly and in a very understandable way for all involved. The Council and HTS should have confidence in the financial base from which the company is starting as a result of the assignment the associate undertook”

For further information about how your local authority can access specialist support from our Talent Bank please get in touch with us on or 01284 758300.