Investigating new ways of delivering support services at North Norfolk District Council
Investigating new ways of delivering support services at North Norfolk District Council

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) was keen to streamline their corporate administration and Democratic Services functions.  Following a period when the Executive team were restructured, NNDC were investigating new ways of delivery support services, aiming to make savings and to deliver higher service standards.

The initial piece of work was a Business Process Review, which took place in early 2012.  The report that came from this clearly indicated that the current posts, processes and systems were not delivering the best results for NNDC and were resource intensive and outdated.

A proposal to support NNDC to move forward was presented and accepted by the Corporate Leadership Team.  The key deliverables for this piece of work were:

  • Development and agreement of new structure
  • Creation, agreement and grading of new job descriptions
  • Staff and union consultation
  • Development of new post of Business Manager
  • Advertising, short listing and interviewing for Business Manager
  • Relocation of the new team to a central office space near the Corporate Leadership team offices
  • Formation of shared ICT folders, with appropriate levels of access to enable new team to share work and provide resilience during periods of absence
  • Specifying and obtaining quotations for a new Democratic Services software system
All of these key areas were delivered, however as is often the case with resourcing projects the outcomes have changed from those expected.
  1. The newly appointed Business Manager suddenly pulled out the day before he was due to start due to a family crisis
  2. NNDC has therefore decided to seek some shared service support from neighbouring authorities to fill the gap while they decide whether they wish to advertise again.
  3. The staffing reorganisation took longer than anticipated due to summer holidays which required the consultation period to be extended
NNDC were very open and willing to provide access to information and staff
  1. The Corporate Leadership team actively supported the project
  2. Staff members were supportive and actively engaged in the project, even though their own jobs were being redesigned
  3. HR support on developing, agreeing and grading the new structure and job descriptions was good and enabled speedy progress to be made
  4. Contact with suppliers of Democratic Services software systems who were keen to work with NNDC to ensure their specification was met and a keen price offered
  5. ICT support to set up shared folders with appropriate levels of access was quick and efficient