Healthwatch Norfolk
Healthwatch Norfolk

Norfolk County Council needed some support to ensure that Healthwatch Norfolk would be in place and operational by the beginning of April 2013. It was envisaged that this would be provided by someone who would work with the authority and key stakeholders to build agreement about the way forward and to facilitate and shape the development of a new organisation.

Norfolk HealthWatch is to be consortia of a number of voluntary organisations and the development work was needed to make sure that it will be a new body with a new ethos and not just a collection of organisations representing their own current interests.

Richard Archer, Norfolk Forward Transformation Programme Manager at Norfolk County Council described his experience of using our Talent Bank:

"The process was easy to use and quickly provided us with a shortlist of resources from their register that matched our requirement for us to evaluate.

"Jo Webb’s previous experiences included working as an Interim Director of Improvement and Partnerships at Wakefield, an Interim role for Camden Heading up their Communities and Third Sector services and as a Regional Associate at the Improvement and Development Agency.

"This experience meant that she already had an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge, and experience of organisational, and partnership leadership. At interview we could see that she would make an excellent interim leader because she had a track record of getting to understand the culture of an organisation or partnership quickly and the ability to work within that to spot strategic opportunities and to get fast results.

"The contract negotiation was straightforward and we found the whole process a lot quicker than traditional procurement routes.

"In a very short period of time Jo gained the confidence of both the diverse range of partners involved in this endeavour and colleagues at all levels across the council. She articulated a widely recognised picture of the current situation, the strategic issues to be addressed and the areas where actions were needed. She recommended to the County Council that we take a proactive co-production approach to commissioning in order to build sufficient momentum before being ready to step back, once sufficient capacity is in place, into a more traditional commissioning role.

"As a result we now have:

  • strong shadow governance arrangements in place,
  • a programme of engagement with stakeholders that will inform both the County Council’s final contract specification and the decisions of the Shadow Board about delivery options,
  • a high level of confidence in the preparations for April 2013, and,
  • wide-spread support for, and appreciation of, the county’s approach across a wide range of local stakeholders.

"We have now extended Jo’s contract into early next year and, due to the scale of the internal and external change agenda we are facing here, have asked her to also take on a wider leadership role across the Health Reform agenda. Once again we did this through the Talent Bank and found the process easy and straightforward."

"The [Talent Bank] process was easy to use … In a very short period of time Jo gained the confidence of both the diverse range of partners involved in this endeavour and colleagues at all levels across the council."

Richard Archer - Norfolk Forward Transformation Programme Manager - Norfolk County Council