Collaborative Responsible Procurement Project launches

We are pleased to announce that 2024 has seen the Regional Climate Change Forum (RCCF) collaborative project on sustainable procurement launched. An initial 12 councils from across our region have signed up to help us advance the responsible procurement agenda through capacity building, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Sustainability is a complex agenda, with at least 17 UN defined themes ranging from climate change and recycling to social value and economic regeneration. This was explored at our 2022 webinar. These themes share many common dependencies and overlaps, many of which are not understood.

Using our Responsible Procurement Diagnostic successfully piloted at Suffolk CC in 2023, the Councils will start by creating a baseline of their current position on the UN themes via the diagnostic. They will then agree their future priorities which will be used to create specific interest groups against which future work can be undertaken with like-minded councils.

During this planning process, the participating Councils will have access to specialist knowledge on sustainability and procurement issues [Angela Hogg, Ken Cole and Rowena Ward] via our Talent Bank. We are also pleased that the World Commerce & Contracting Foundation will be providing active support to this exciting project.

Cllr Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Chair of the RCCF, said: “Collaborative working to build capacity and share costs is the only way we can advance the sustainability agenda as it applies to procurement given the resource constraints that exist. This project sets out a blue print for how we can become smarter in our approach during challenging times.”

If you are not one of the 12 councils taking part and would like to be kept informed on progress and future opportunities, please e-mail Rowena Ward who is coordinating this work at