Remote Mediations - Talent Bank’s latest offer for the current climate.

Working in partnership with one of our most experienced mediators Marilyn Smyth of Making a Difference, Talent Bank is now offering workplace mediations remotely as an East of England LGA Marketplace Package.

The remote mediation offers our member authorities the ability to receive the support required to resolve their workplace issue in compliance with the current lockdown advice. Marilyn has a home setup that ensures protocols and procedures are honoured in a virtual environment allowing the same quality of service as expected from our face to face mediations.

The remote mediation offers some advantages too; individuals can take part from either their workplace or their own home; an environment where they may feel more secure.  In addition, a remote mediation negates any travelling costs for the mediator and reduces the need to organise and pay for a neutral venue.

As a recently tried and tested offering an Assistant Director has provided the following testimonial for the package and support received;

“A meaningful and supportive mediation to support the development of positive working relationships. The session was conducted remotely which reduced costs for the organisation but also ensured that the mediation took place in a comfortable environment for those involved. The participants found the experience challenging but beneficial and by being conducted remotely enabled the issues to be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.”

To find out more about the Remote Mediation service, Marilyn Smyth or to purchase any of the packages on offer through Talent Bank visit Marketplace or contact Sebastian Reeves, [email protected] or call 07971398200