EELGA Chair praises local authorities response to Queen's death

The past 12 days have been both emotionally and operationally unprecedented for Local Authorities and their staff across the East.  Whilst much of the public attention has been understandably centred on both Scotland and London, the loss at the passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been felt deeply right across the country, in every parish, village, town and city.  On behalf of EELGA, I would like to thank all the local authorities in the East of England, and throughout the rest of the country, for their swift and respectful response.

Whilst we may plan for such sad times, nothing really prepares us for the moment itself.

I believe that Local Authorities can be proud that they have helped facilitate the coming together of people across the region to pay their own respects to the memory of Queen Elizabeth II.  The response has been incredibly touching and stands as a testament to the positive impact Her Late Majesty has had on us all.  I was also greatly encouraged at the enthusiasm and genuine affection shown by the thousands of people right across our region at the many local proclamations of His Majesty the King.

As we look ahead our focus returns to the challenges of today. I am more determined than ever that we should use the example of duty and service shown by both our late Queen, and now our new King, to encourage us all to work together to find ways to meet these challenges head on, as we strive to improve the lives of the communities we seek to serve.

Matthew Hicks, Chair of the East of England Local Government Association