The School Parking Initiative

The South Essex Parking Partnership has created the new and exciting project called the School Parking Initiative.

The South Essex Parking Partnership faced a challenge, one that they do not face alone, but one faced by many across the UK: the subject of parking around schools and the congestion and safety concerns that can occur.

Any parent who completes the school run on a daily basis will, at times, experience the pressure on the road network that a lot of children and vehicles, all arriving at the same location for the same short period of time, can bring.

To tackle this, the South Essex Parking Partnership has created the new and exciting project called the School Parking Initiative to actively engage with the schools, the children, the parents and the local residents to promote a good working relationship and understanding of the needs of everyone. This will be achieved through:

  • engagement with the pupils providing education, learning activities and reward schemes for good parking practices (children are the next generation of drivers)
  • distribution of educational material to parents and residents on considerate parking and the impact of inconsiderate parking on the local area
  • a commitment from the parents via the school charter to embrace the School Parking Initiative
  • an understanding of residents that cars will need to be accommodated on the highway at peak school times and that provided the cars park sensibly, this should be encouraged
  • an understanding from the parents that inconsiderate parking is discouraged and not supported by the school
  • alternative travel to school schemes

A character called 3PR has been designed to help deliver a positive message about school parking and 3PR provides advice and guidance to children, parents and the residents on safe and considerate parking practices and alternative methods of travel to school.

The school children will be key in providing the support and promotion of this new scheme by taking part in some of 3PR’s exciting parking initiatives and learning activities.

To help deliver this message, The Parking Partnership has created a website ( which provides all the information required to make a big difference to the school and the surrounding area. Schools in South Essex can register their interest through this site and set up an account. Schools with an account will have access to case studies and can share learnings from the initiative.

It is their view that a few slight changes in parking habits and how we perceive parking around schools will make a big difference!

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