Providing efficient and sustainable waste management across Essex

The Essex Waste Partnership was set up to ensure cost-efficient and sustainable waste management was being delivered across the county.

The Essex Waste Partnership was set up to ensure cost-efficient and sustainable waste management was being delivered across the county. In January 2015, a Solution Centre process was initiated to review a joint strategy that had been developed for the Partnership and to establish a shared understanding amongst all the partners of how to work most effectively together.

Supported by funding from the East of England LGA’s Investment Programme and led by Blue Marble Partners, the project sought to identify the areas where improvements and cost savings could be made without compromising service delivery.

At the outset, a number of key joint ambitions and priorities were agreed:

  • Create a strong and effective partnership that is sustainable, flexible and long-term
  • High levels of efficient delivery, cost-effective services that deliver good value.
  • Better waste management through improving re-cycling and waste reduction techniques across Essex with a future county-wide network.
  • Great customer service, providing consistent collection methods.
  • Using innovation and technology to provide an integrated waste management infrastructure.
  • Maximising revenue, improving market awareness and sharing of market intelligence between local authorities.
  • Further education, enabling customers to value an effective system by positively contributing to its success.

As a result of the Solution Centre review, an Essex Waste Partnership Board was formed to provide strategic direction for the project. The board will include members from all the partner councils and will oversee the development of the governance model and financial framework within which the Partnership will continue to operate. The Partnership Hub, which reports to the board, will include a small team that will work on finance, procurement and any further support. The delivery group, led by a Chief Executive, are responsible for the delivery of the proposed solutions.

The review provided a foundation which the partnership has continued to build upon. The project has progressed well beyond the initial Solutions Centre phase and officer working groups are now in place delivering activity across 4 agreed work-streams.

The opportunities for service improvement have been provisionally identified and further work is ongoing to assess and quantify exactly the benefits of each proposal. The opportunities are based around: further service collaboration, joint procurement, waste minimisation, improved recycling processes and better income generation. These work-streams will greatly contribute to delivering the £10million efficiency opportunity that was identified in the earlier stages of the Solution Centre process and which resulted in the creation of the Partnership’s joint ambition for future service delivery.

For further information please contact:
Eddie Gibson, Senior Manager at East of England LGA 01284 758310

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