Our Focus on Economic Recovery

We are currently preparing for a new virtual forum on economic recovery, which we are implementing from mid-June.

Through this forum which will sit under the Infrastructure and Growth Panel we will support the East of England’s councils to collaborate on economic recovery.

We are aiming to produce an updated document akin to the previous Engine of Prosperity All Party Parliamentary Group document, with this product setting the framework for a number of priority actions operationally and politically, regionally and nationally.

We are also working with the LGA on the approach to recovery for councils nationwide, with some joint engagement in progress about a national LGA document on this topic, at the time of this communication.

In terms of sector led improvement, our more routine work with ADASS, DCS’, DPH’s and NHS partners was paused during the Covid-19 response, but we have reconvened during May and we are already starting to turn our attention to what the Covid-19 crisis now means for improved ways of working across health, care, and wellbeing, and the crucial role of councils at place.

Some of the previous barriers to health and care integration and digitisation have been tackled rapidly and head on, out of necessity, with new methods adopted, and health and care practice and service delivery is already being transformed as a result.

Other changes, such as the increased support offer to Care Homes and the overall raised profile of the Care sector and its workforce, require sustainable policy and funding solutions which will of course be uppermost in our members’ priorities.

We are also working with the Chief Executive’s group on the transition planning out of temporary Covid-19 services and offers (such as the provision of supplies to vulnerable groups), the plans for managing localised outbreaks and lockdowns, and how the volunteer assets created by the pandemic can become a lasting legacy for neighbourhood community support.