NHS Jobs Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

The NHS have launched a Covid-19 indicator tool on their NHS Jobs website


Coronavirus (Covid-19) is putting a huge demand on the health and social services across the country.

There has been a call for anyone who has recently left the healthcare professions to return to work to help the NHS continue their fight against the virus.

The NHS have launched a Covid-19 indicator tool on their NHS Jobs website, this allows applicants to search and filter for roles that are related to Covid-19. All jobs that are linked to the virus are displayed with a unique icon that makes identifying them easier when searching the online system. This new tool will help speed up the process of recruiting for these job vacancies as employers can also use it to highlight any new and existing roles advertised as Covid-29 related.

To make the new feature as accessible as possible the banner on the NHS Jobs website now provides a link to all current Covid-19 roles. Applicants can also use the search facility and tick the ‘Covid-19’ box to find the job relevant to them.

Follow this link to find all current vacancies related to NHS Covid-19.


In March a campaign launched calling for NHS Volunteer Responders to help carry out simple, non-medical tasks to support those in England who have been told by the government to ‘shield’ themselves from Covid-19 due to underlying health conditions. These volunteers are to help support the NHS and social care professionals to make sure those who are vulnerable stay safe and well. The initial plea hoped for 250,000 volunteers, the response was awe-inspiring and has seen 750,000 applicants! Due to the high volumes of people willing to help the recruitment to the scheme has currently been paused as of the 29th March 2020 to process the applications. Further information can be found here.