New study examines the dynamics of population migration out of London

17th January 2018

The East of England LGA has published a research report by the London School of Economics (LSE) on migration influences and population dynamics in the Wider South East.

In engaging in debates about future growth, particularly within the context of the London Plan, the East of England LGA identified the need to draw together current thinking on migration patterns by leading academics.  The London School of Economics were engaged to aid councils and partners across the East, South East and London (the Wider South East - WSE) in their understanding of the dynamics of migration. 

This research provides a valuable and independent tool with which to explore issues about how London and other regions of the WSE interact in terms of population movements via their overlapping housing and labour markets. The research also explores the strength of different influences and the link to fluctuations in London migration during the last 40 years and the potential implications for baseline data used in population forecasts in local plans.

An Executive Summary and Summary Report drawing out the key highlights from the technical report are available below:

The main technical report is available to download below:

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