West Suffolk recruits its first Buurtzorg nurses!

7th June 2017

The West Suffolk Buurtzorg Test and Learn enters a new phase with the first adverts going live to populate the Buurtzorg team to test this innovative community model of care at home.

This team, which will be in place in early Autumn, will be one of a handful in the country to explore the application of the Dutch approach to community nursing, known as Buurtzorg (which means neighbourhood care).

The nurses will be part of the first ‘self-managed’ team in West Suffolk who will deliver dedicated personal and health care to patients in a small neighbourhood area. The team will work collaboratively with formal and informal networks to ensure provision of holistic patient-centered care that promotes self-management, patient engagement and improves overall patient and staff satisfaction.  

The benefit to the patient with this new approach is that the team can identify solutions quicker for the patient; improving independence and streamlining care more effectively.

The benefit to the staff member is the professional freedom and responsibility that comes with supporting each other in self-managed teams. Coaches not managers support the team and the nurses decide how the care will be provided to their patients. This encourages flexibility and improves staff satisfaction.

Details of the posts are on the NHS jobs website.

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