West Suffolk Buurtzorg Inspired Test and Learn to feature at LGA Annual Conference

7th June 2018

If you are heading over to LGA Annual Conference in the ICC Birmingham at the beginning of July make sure that you save time in your busy schedule to come along to the Innovation Zone at 11.30am on 4 July.

The "Going Dutch: Innovation in care at home" session will showcase how the highly successful Dutch model, known as Buurtzorg, could revolutionise the health and care system here in the UK. 

Partners in the West Suffolk are working to test this innovative model of care at home to help tackle the health and social care crisis. 

The Buurtzorg model empowers individuals – in this case nurses – to deliver all the care that patients need (both personal and health care). It works on the premise that by using highly qualified individuals to deliver care, a more preventative approach is taken; reducing costs upstream.

The nurses work in self-managing teams of up to twelve professionals who provide care for patients in a small locality, drawing on both formal and informal networks. 

So come and find out more about this radical model which is focussed on an increased trust in the frontline professional to be the centre of leading the change and in developing the new system.

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