We Need Your Views on the East of England LGA’s “Paid For” Services

11th February 2020

We Need Your Views on the East of England LGA’s “Paid For” Services

Like many of our member councils, in recent year the East of England LGA has steadily increased the amount of revenue generated by the Commercial Services that it provides. In 2018-19, this totalled over £1.6M in income, supplementing the £660K paid over by members for their annual subscriptions.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve and develop the services provided by the Association, we are currently undertaking a review of our Commercial Services and wish to engage with as many stakeholders as possible during this process. By far the most visible of our Commercial Services is the “Talent Bank”, a consultancy service provided by a range of over 70 Associates made available to our member authorities and accessible without the need to carry out a competitive procurement process.

Profiles of all of our Associates can be viewed on the East of England Local Government Marketplace, along with a number of local authority Partners who also advertise their services on the site. Our Partners are local authority trading companies or services who are offering services which are potentially of value to EELGA’s members, including recruitment, property consultancy, environmental health, training and apprenticeships.

Whether you have used the Talent Bank / Marketplace or not, we would still welcome your views on the usefulness and value of these services, along with some feedback on potential improvements or developments that you would like to see in the future from a regional organisation like ourselves.

The review is being led by one of our own Associates, Gilli Galloway, and you can get involved either by mailing her directly on gilligalloway@gmail.com or by messaging our Marketplace in-box; marketplace@eelga.gov.uk

Many thanks – we look forward to hearing your views.

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