Investing in our transport infrastructure

4th October 2018

The East of England LGA is continuing to provide secretariat to the establishment of Transport East.  Transport East was launched in March 2018 as a vehicle for the delivery of a collective vision for transport and wider infrastructure in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Southend-on-sea and Thurrock. 

The aim of the Forum is to drive forward a truly joined-up transport network and secure vital investment in future infrastructure. Further information about Transport East including its Terms of Reference can be found here.

Transport East has established three strategic aims:

  • Ports and Airports. Improving connectivity to our ports and airports to support the UK economy and enable exports
  • Multi-centred growth. Supporting the growth of our medium sized towns and cities, enabling the east to function as a coherent economy to improve productivity
  • Coastal communities. Reinventing our coast for the 21st century.

The East of England LGA will continue to support the Transport East Forum as it develops.

Transport East is one of two non-statutory Sub-National Transport Bodies in the region, with the England's Economic Heartland Strategic Transport Forum (established in 2016) also covering areas of our region and beyond.

For further information on this area of our work programme please get in touch with Hannah Shah (

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