The Local Authority Mental Health Challenge

6th March 2019

Local councils can make a big difference to people of all ages by promoting better mental health in their communities. By becoming a ‘member champion’ for mental health, you and your council can lead the way. Take on the mental health challenge and see what difference you can make to your community.

As part of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health, Public Health England East of England (PHE EoE) is working with the Centre for Mental Health to deliver a regional “Prevention Focussed Leadership event: a bespoke workshop for local councillors” March 19th 2019.   The workshop is for any local authority elected members who wish to take part in the Mental Health Challenge by becoming Mental Health Champions, and for those who are already Mental Health Champions.

PHE have led on establishing the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health as set out in recommendation two of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. The focus is on working up stream to promote good mental health and prevent mental health problems. The aim is to galvanise cross-sector action to deliver an increase and escalation in the adoption of effective prevention planning arrangements in all local areas. The scope includes local authorities, the NHS, public, private and VCSE sector organisations and employers. 
The Mental Health Challenge is grounded in the knowledge that local authorities have a key role to play in promoting wellbeing and improving mental health in their communities.  The key points are around:

  • Engaging local authorities, through their elected members, to be proactive in their approach to mental health.
  • Optimising the hard and soft powers of elected members.
  • Embedding mental health as a key consideration across the full range of council services.
    Prevention Focussed Leadership: A bespoke workshop for local councillors
The event will bring current and prospective mental health champions together to discuss issues including; why prevention matters, promoting mental health in local areas, evidence for prevention, what makes a good JSNA and turning ideas into actions. 

Please click here to view the agenda for the day.

It takes place on 19 March 2019, 11.00 – 15.00 at the Red Lion, 42 Station Road (East), Whittlesford CB22 4NL.

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