The East of England responds to the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy

5th October 2017

The draft Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy was published for consultation in June 2017. The document sets out the Mayor’s policies and proposals for transport in London over the next 25 years. The East of England LGA, working with officers and members in the East has responded to this consultation.
The East of England LGA response welcomes London’s ambition to create a transport network that is sustainable and able to provide for its growing population, but stresses that if the Mayor wants to achieve his vision he needs to strengthen engagement on transport beyond London’s borders. The response highlights that:

  • In relation to reducing car travel within the Capital, consideration needs to be given to travel requirements between outer London and adjoining local authorities; journeys that are currently most likely to be made by road.
  • The Mayor’s sustainable transport ambitions (in relation to extending TfL’s franchise, car travel and air pollution in particular) need to be considered in a wider context and conversations with those councils most likely to be impacted on London’s borders need to be given greater priority.
  • There is a need for cross-border relationships between TfL and transport bodies and councils in the East of England to be strengthened so that different modes of transport can be linked up and planned more effectively in advance for the future transport ambitions of London and its neighbouring authorities.
  • In order to achieve the ambitions set out in the MTS in relation to upgrading of rail freight routes especially to the growing ports on the Thames, Felixstowe and Harwich, and improvements to surface links to airports, the Mayor of London is asked to collaborate with councils in the East and wider partners to make the case for expanding road and rail capacity both within and outside of London.

The full response can be viewed here

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