Testing adaptive technologies - The Mindings Pilot

26th March 2013

The pilots will deliver on the outcome of the Improvement East and NHS Midlands and East  'Dragons' Den' style competition which took place on December 3rd 2012 to find innovative new products and services to keep older people out of long-term care, where it's not necessary or what that individual actually wants.

With funding from NHS Midlands and East, the competition offered the chance to win an investment of up to £100,000 to pilot their technology within a local system in the Midlands and East of England.

The prize was taken by tech start-up Mindings, a service which allows family and friends to send personal captioned photos, text messages, calendar reminders, social media content and much more to a digital screen in a family member's home that they don't even have to touch - helping to better connect families by enabling effortless, regular, personal and meaningful contact.  It has been described as Facebook for the technology-shy!

Mindings was described by the Dragons as a "powerful tool in addressing loneliness, one of our biggest social challenges going forward".

Stuart Arnott, Founder of Mindings said: "My technology-shy Dad lives alone, 500 miles away in Scotland.  I always thought it ironic that I spend all day texting, Tweeting, Facebooking and the like, but the one person who would really appreciate all that stuff is the one person who, because he can't use a computer or mobile phone, misses out on it all. So, I created Mindings, and now Dad can daily see pictures of his Granddaughter growing up and share in all these moments we tech-savvy folk share online. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share Mindings and help connect socially excluded people with their family and friends."

More information about the product is available here: http://www.mindings.com/.  

The pilots will begin next month and are due to last 9 months.  They will assess the potential role of this technology in reducing demand from older people for long term care, by helping to promote quality of life and preventing the onset of poor health. In particular they will be testing the impact of this technology from a variety of perspectives drawing on existing research to shape the enquiry.

For more information on this project contact Hannah Shah, hannah.shah@eelga.gov.uk or 01284 758316

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